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Over fifty Ward Development Committee Members including ten community stakeholders in the country’s second capital city, Bo have applauded the National Commission for Democracy (NCD) for conducting what they described as a worthwhile training workshop on the theme “Promoting Democratic Good Governance at the Ward Committee Level” held in the Conference Room of the Bo District Council Hall on Wednesday, March 16, 2016.

Speaking to participants, the NCD Chairman, Dr. Abubakar H. Kargbo, revealed that his Commission is formed by an Act of Parliament charged with the responsibility of educating residents and institutions in the country about their civic rights and responsibilities vis-à-vis transparency, accountability, the dangers of corruption, capital flight and above all to strengthen civil society with the aim of enhancing responsible citizenry. He maintained that the workshop is aimed at capacitating Ward Development Committee Members and Councilors in order to effectively and efficiently deliver service at the ward level. Chairman Kargbo assured all that the workshop was meant to evaluate the effectiveness of the decentralization structure and the principles of democratic good governance geared towards dealing with concerns such as effective public service delivery as a crucial factor in the pursuit of the socio-economic wellbeing of people at the ward level.



In a bid to effectively expand its constitutional mandate to the extreme parts of the country, the National Commission for Democracy (NCD) has on Thursday, 17th March, 2016 paid courtesy call on the Nigerian High Commissioner, Her Excellency (Mrs.) Gladys Modupeola Quist-Adebiyi at her office at 1, Umar Musa Ya’Adua Crescent, Hill Station in Freetown.

The NCD Chairman, Dr. Abubakar H. Kargbo, told Her Excellency that his Commission came into being as a result of international pressure on the then National Provisional Ruling Council (NPRC) as a wagon that would transform the country from the governing military regime to a full fledge and effective democratic state. Therefore, the Commission was at the initial stage established by the NPRC Decree No. 15 of 1994 and later by an Act of Parliament No 3 of 1996 charged with the responsibility of public education on democratic good governance vis-à-vis creating and sustaining awareness within the society on the principles and objectives of the Constitution as the foundational law of the land, educating and encouraging the public to defend the Constitution at all times against all forms of abuse and violation and cultivating a sense of nationalism, patriotism and loyalty to the state in every citizen etc.


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