Following the death of a Sierra Leonean as the outcome of a fracas in the Eastern City of Kenema allegedly ensuing between opposing factions within the main opposition of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), the leadership of the National Commission for Democracy (NCD) is in no uncertain term perturbed by such dastardly act that is symptomatic of political intolerance that is manifesting in the form of violence that is gradually engulfing the body politic of our beloved motherland.

In view of this nightmarish situation in the politics and governance of this nation, the leadership of NCD is joining other governance institutions to condemn what is becoming a vogue in the operations of political parties in our nation as intolerance in the form of violence is becoming the norm. It should be observed that what is happening in this direction has the potential to wreck the nation’s fledgling democracy that needs concerted effort to build for the benefit of posterity.

In this regard, the leadership of NCD is calling on SLPP in particular and other political parties in general to avoid any tendency that will affect the fragile peace of this nation. It behooves every Sierra Leonean to make paramount the peace of this nation and it should me made known to all that the people of this nation are not prepared to mortgage the peace of this nation on the altar of power at cost. It should be noted that the purpose of power is to serve the interest of the people, but any power game or tussle that has the tendency to jeopardize the lives of the people should not be pursued for it is not in any way serving the interest of the people of this nation.

It is the reasoned view of the leadership of NCD that the politicians who are encouraging any form of violence in political activities in this nation will have nemesis catching up with them one day soon as their offences will definitely find them out. These politicians must realize that riding to State House with blood in their hands will only portend doom for this nation as even the heavens will revolt against their leadership and as such it will spell disaster for all and sundry.

On the basis of all that has happened and in a bid to forestall future occurrence of blatant political violence and other forms of violence in the length and breadth of the nation, the leadership of NCD is calling on all law enforcement agencies in the Country to implement the law to the letter and bring to book all that fall foul of the law without fear or favor in order to drive home the fact that our democracy in Sierra Leone is thriving on the basis of the rule of law that is paramount for genuine democracy to reach its zenith.

As it is mostly the case that these politicians employ the services of young people to carry out their nefarious activities that do not augur well for the current peace and future development of this nation, the leadership of NCD is calling on the young people of this nation to refuse the promptings of these politicians so that peace will prevail in this nation. The young people of this nation should realize that any form of violence in any part of this nation will undermine the fragile peace of this nation. The young people of this nation must envision a more peaceful nation that will create the atmosphere for both personal and collective development in an environment that is devoid of rancor.

The leadership of NCD is therefore calling on well-meaning Sierra Leoneans to foster the agenda of permanent peace on the realization that whatever happens is on the basis of human activities and if a commitment is made to maintain the peace that is just what will happen. Our democracy is in dire need of consolidation and this can only happen in a situation wherein all the stakeholders are committed to playing their part.

Long live national peace!
Long live political tolerance!
Long live our democracy!
All Press Houses
All Consular and Diplomatic Missions
All Political Parties
All Ministries, Department and Agencies
All Civil Society Organizations
All Government Commissions
All Tertiary Learning Institutions

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The Chairman
Dr. Abubakar Kargbo

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