With effect from May 25, 2016, it has pleased His Excellency, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, to appoint Benjamin Macfoy as the new Commissioner of the Western Region office of the National Commission for Democracy (NCD) after the position was vacant with the expiration of the tenure of the former Commissioner, Georgette L. O. de Marke.

The new Commissioner is said to be versatile, quick-thinking, enthusiastic and result-oriented. He stands out as the youngest among the current batch of Commissioners in the Commission with many both within and without affirming that his appointment is in line with the avowed manifesto of His Excellency that his second term is dedicated to the young people of this Country.

For many observers, his youthfulness is regarded as an asset to the successful outcome of the Commission’s activities both at the national and regional levels. He has promised to use his youthfulness to the advantage of the Commission that is in need of such intervention. It has also been observed that the new Commissioner has a very long institutional memory as one of the longest serving staff of the Commission before his new appointment, an asset that has set him up to succeed in his new capacity.

Until his new appointment as Commissioner, he had served as the Public Education Officer of the Western Region of NCD since 2011 with the responsibility of coordinating every outreach activity and media related operations in the provision of civic education to the general masses of the people. Additionally, he had served as Personal Assistant to the Chairman of NCD between 2006 and 2011 with the huge responsibility of coordinating activities in the office of the Chairman. Furthermore, between 2000 and 2006, the new Commissioner was the Legal Aid Assistant of NCDHR with the responsibility of record keeping in the Legal Department of the Commission among others. His other engagements outside NCD are evident for all to see especially in relation to the Davidson Nicol Medical Center, the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs, Kids Advocacy Foundation, the Human Rights Clinic, the Peace Society of Fourah Bay College etc.

It could be realized that his rise to the prominent position of the substantive Commissioner in the Western Region Office of NCD did not happen overnight and for most observers it was just a matter of time, it was bound to happen and now that it has happened, such observers could only wish him well in his new and challenging endeavors as he joined forces with the NCD Chairman and other Commissioners to take the Commission to unprecedented heights.

From the academic front, the new Commissioner of the Western Region of NCD, Benjamin Macfoy, is a graduate from Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone where he earned a Bachelor of Law (LLB), Second Class, First Division, in 2014 and a Bachelor of Science (BSc.), Division One, in Peace and Conflict Studies in 2010. With his academic qualifications, NCD has seen the complete metamorphosis of a young ambitious man whose finesse for excellence has gained him a place among the policy makers of NCD.

During his first formal engagement as the Commissioner of the Western Region Office of NCD at a management meeting held on May 26, 2016 in the Office of the Chairman of NCD, he noted with utmost clarity that his sitting position had changed and is now sitting among Commissioners whom he called his colleagues. He used the occasion to recall the time when he used to sit in the corridors during the rains in 2002, but now observed that he had joined the powers that be at NCD with the sole intention of working hard to help in building the Commission.

In extending his appreciation to the Chairman and the rest of senior management of NCD at the meeting, he remarked that attention should be paid to welfare issues in the Commission with the need to work assiduously to see massive improvement in that direction. He was quick to note his willingness to learn from all especially in ensuring effectiveness in the work of the Commission. Concerning his region, he stated that he was going to handle his staff with slapping dexterity with assurance that his region would measure up.

Meanwhile, the Western Region office of NCD has relocated to 9 Freetown-Waterloo Highway, Jui where the office of the new Commissioner is situated and from where he will be directing the affairs of his region. Under his charge are three officers and other junior staff with whom he is expected to move the work of the Commission to another level.

Chairman's photo
The Chairman
Dr. Abubakar Kargbo

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